Now Drivers Can Work SAFE.FAST.SMART

* Eliminates common binder injuries

* Reduces time to tighten & loosen loads

* Keeps loads tight and secure during transport

Securing Equipment Manually?

* What if you could reduce risks of injury?

* Reduce the time to secure a load?

* Ensure loads remain tight during a delivery?

Simply Tap to Tighten or Loosen

* Automatically tightens to optimal tension

* Work from a safe distance

* Secure loads safer & faster!

Retains Tension...AUTOMATICALLY!

* Continually monitors tension during a delivery

* Automatically tightens any loose chain 

* Keeps loads safe & secure 

Focus on the Road, Not the Load.

* Green indicates all chains are tight

* Monitors and retains chain tension

* Alert received if chain is loose

Loosen & Unload Faster!

* Upon arrival simply tap to loosen all

* Equipment is ready to unload in under a minute

* Deliver safe, fast and smart!