There is a better way to tighten chains.......

* What if you could reduce risk of injury?

* Reduce the time to secure a load?

* Ensure loads remain tight?

Now, your delivery team can work.... SAFE.FAST.SMART.

* Eliminates common binder injuries

* Reduces time to tighten & loosen loads

* Keeps loads tight and secure during transport

Tighten or Loosen with Ease!

* Control from onboard switch

* Control remotely via app

* Secure loads safer & faster!

Automatic Tension Control

* Continually monitors tension during a delivery

* Automatically tightens chain 

* Keeps loads safe & secure during delivery

Tap to Tighten

* Tighten from Onboard Switch or App

* Green indicates all chains are tight

* Monitors and retains chain tension

Tap One Button to Loosen All

* Upon arrival simply tap to loosen tensioners

* Equipment is ready to unload in seconds

* Deliver safe, fast and smart!